Doors of Learning [en]
Microcosmos of a Future South Africa. Bauhaus Taschenbuch 27
Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau/Regina Bittner

Igor Bloch, PhD student Vrije Universiteit Brussels / Ghent University.
Joyce Lam, artist and filmmaker, Tokyo. Essi K. Lamberg, PhD student, University of Helsinki. Esther Mbibo, architect, Dar es Salaam. Nokubekezela Mchunu, doctoral student, University College Dublin. Michalina Musielak, researcher and filmmaker, Leipzig. Lucas Rehnman, artist and scientist, Berlin. Jordan Rowe, writer, curator and researcher, London.

148 pp.
with 30 b/w and 10 color illustrations
thread-sewn paperback

Leipzig / Dessau August, 2023
ISBN: 9783959057462
Edition Number: 1

Width: 10.6 cm
Length: 14 cm

Language(s): English

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Regina Bittner

Anne Meyer

Design Concept

In 1988, a seminar was held at the Bauhaus Dessau as part of the UN-HABITAT programme that dealt with questions of housing construction in 'developing countries'. A prefabricated building system developed by GDR architects was presented here, which was used for the first time in an education and development center of the African National Congress (ANC) in Dakawa, Tanzania. The educational centers that have been set up in rural Tanzania since the 1970s with the support of international solidarity movements were learning and living spaces for people who had fled the brutal regime of racial segregation in South Africa. These centers were also unique sites of transnational encounters between East and West during the Cold War.
Why education in particular was key to building a new democratic society is the focus of the publication.

The small and handy books, designed by the Berlin-based graphic designer Eike König, accompany the exhibitions and are also intended as practical guidebooks for the Bauhaus buildings. (ISBN 978-3-95905-746-2)

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