Düşler Ülkesi
Bettina Steinbrügge/Tobias Peper/Kunstverein Hamburg

200 pp.

220 black-white and colour illustrations

thread-sewn softcover

Leipzig April, 2020
ISBN: 9783959053426
Edition Number: 1

Width: 21 cm
Length: 30 cm

Language(s): Turkish, English, German

Bettina Steinbrügge, Tobias Peper, Kunstverein Hamburg

Christian Lange

Burcu Dogramaci, Banu Karaca, belit sağ, Ronya Othmann

Cana Bilir-Meier

Cana Bilir-Meier’s work tackles private and public archives as well as the stories hidden within them—most of them untold—with a special focus on (post-) migrant worlds of experience. Bilir-Meier investigates questions of social, cultural, emotional and structural participation and equality for all. For this, she uses a wealth of media including film, drawing, performance, and audio. The publication discusses aspects of social diversity, participation, historical suppression, and knowledge situated in the migrant experience. Cana Bilir-Meier’s first monograph is published in conjunction with her solo exhibition at the Kunstverein in Hamburg.

The book is published in German, English, Kurmancî, and Turkish. 

Cana Bilir-Meier (b. 1986 in Munich) lives and works in Munich and Vienna. In 2016 her work was awarded the Birgit Jürgenssen Prize and in 2018 she received the ars viva Prize for Visual Arts.


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