Ludwig Hilberseimer: The new city. Principles of planning
Kommentierte Ausgabe

Florian Strob/Karoline Lemke

312 pp.
with numerous white and color illustrations
thread-sewn brochure

Leipzig / Dessau September, 2023
ISBN: 9783959056052
Edition Number: 1

Width: cm
Length: cm

Language(s): German

Florian Strob, Karoline Lemke

Natalia Agapova

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Ludwig Hilberseimer (1885-1967) is regarded as one of the leading theorists of Neues Bauen (New Building) movement - and of modern, functional urbanism in particular. In 1944, after twelve years of writing and translating in American exile, he published The New City. Principles of Planning. With this text, the content and results of his teaching at the Bauhaus were available to him in printed form. Hilberseimer had shaped architectural teaching at the Bauhaus for longer than Hannes Meyer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or others. It is therefore all the more remarkable that this text is now available in German for the first time ever. This critical edition reconstructs the intellectual context and, using material from Hilberseimer's estate, reveals the extent to which ecological considerations informed this classic of modern urban design theory and where we might be able to revisit it from a contemporary perspective. 

Florian Strob conducts research on architecture and literature and explores the interfaces between the modernist era and the present. Karoline Lemke specializes in edition philology in the digital humanities at the media-based interface between literature and art.

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