Militant Media
CRA #2
Riccardo Badano/Tomas Percival/Susan Schuppli

212 pp.
100 b/w and color illustrations
thread-sewn softcover

Leipzig April, 2024
ISBN: 9783959056878

Width: 16 cm
Length: 23 cm

Language(s): English

Riccardo Badano, Tomas Percival, Susan Schuppli

Ariadna Serrahima

Since its founding in 2005, the CRA (Centre for Research Architecture) at Goldsmiths, University of London, has brought together a diverse group of architects, artists, urbanists, geographers, lawyers, scientists, journalists, and activists to develop research methodologies and investigative techniques to address contemporary spatial politics. This series invites the reader into this ever-evolving pedagogical context.

Militant Media, the second volume in the series, engages with the ethical and political implications of media and technology in relation to contemporary struggles and conflicts. In doing so, it also reflects upon the changing role of media in justice and human rights campaigns, examining a range of topics from the use of images in campaigning to the investigative potential of digital materials as evidentiary entities in themselves. Diverse contributions reveal how media and technology can simultaneously enable and constrain agency and control. In addition to critical and theoretical reflections, Militant Media offers a wide range of practice-based projects that have developed oppositional modes of representation and created new aesthetic strategies and tools. Together these contributions seek to challenge prevailing power structures and enable new forms of political solidarity.

The editorial team is composed of staff and researchers based in the Centre for Research Architecture (CRA), whose collective insights and interests guide each thematic book in the series. Riccardo Badano is an architect, researcher, and  editor. He is a tutor at the Royal College of Art and PhD candidate at the CRA. Tomas Percival is an artist, researcher, and writer. He is a lecturer in research architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London. Susan Schuppli is an artist-researcher and writer. She is the director of the CRA and board chair of Forensic Architecture.

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