Window Shopping
Jennifer Cierlitza/Jennifer Cierlitza/Kunstverein Siegen/Eva Schmidt/Dieter Roelstraete

80 pp.

with 7 black-white and 53 colour illustrations

thread-sewn hardcover

Leipzig April, 2022
ISBN: 9783959056168
Edition Number: 1

Width: 23.5 cm
Length: 32.5 cm

Language(s): English, German

Jennifer Cierlitza, Kunstverein Siegen

Jennifer Cierlitza, Eva Schmidt, Dieter Roelstraete

Lamm & Kirch

Eva Berendes

Eva Berendes uses the medium of painting as an expanded field of production, sculpture, and public art. Her artistic methods interrogate the constituents of image-making, putting their key attributes into new dialogues with those of architecture, urban infrastructure, and everyday objects. The monographic publication comprises her recent bodies of work, including the series “Gates”, “Guards”, and “Loggia Paintings”, which featured in the exhibition Window Shopping at Kunstverein Siegen. Here, the artist alludes to modes of reception familiar from contexts related to consumption and action. Works refer to architectural elements involved in the transition from outside to inside and lead visitors through doors, gates, windows, and barriers.

Eva Berendes studied in Munich, Berlin, and London. She has recently been awarded the Bonner Kunstpreis.

Jennifer Cierlitza is a curator at Kunstverein Siegen.

Eva Schmidt is a curator and writer.

Dieter Roelstraete is a curator at the Neubauer Collegium, University of Chicago.

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