Sunah Choi

220 pp.
28 b/w and 183 colour images
thread-sewn hardcover

Leipzig April, 2024
ISBN: 9783959058346

Width: 21 cm
Length: 28 cm

Language(s): English, German

Markus Weisbeck

Anna Sinofzik, Dominic Eichler, Jan Verwoert, Barbara Buchmaier

Sunah Choi

Sunah Choi´s new monograph brings together works the artist has made over the last five years, revealing a process of development that is defined both by continuity and by productive contingency: while Choi´s interest in spatial (re)organization is an abiding feature of her oeuvre, each work plays with specific antitheses. The artist is currently formulating the latter with a particular focus on materials such as glass, wood, and metal, used to develop scenarios and objects that oscillate between sculpture, architecture, and interiors.

The book begins with a sequence of graphic compositions that probe formal and aesthetic affinities between individual works; this is followed by a selection of exhibition views and a photo-performative series. The publication includes an interview with the artist and two essays as well as a richly illustrated catalogue raisonné.

Sunah Choi (b. 1968 in Busan, Korea) was awarded the Hannah-Höch Förderpreis in 2018. She lives and works in Berlin.

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